(b. 1998, Los Teques, Venezuela) Daniel Simón R. is a multidisciplinary artist and emerging film director based in Barcelona. His creative journey spans photography, film, experimental music composition, and writing, exploring profound connections between humans and nature through metaphors that challenge perceptions.

His work includes "Raised by Sand & Salty Water" (2023), a documentary co-directed with David Corrochano, featuring Wafa Heboul, a skater from South Morocco, being selected for global film festivals. "An Evening at the Lake" (2022-2023) is a mixed media project combining photography and music composing to explore personal rebirth and emotional landscapes.

Ongoing project "Karst" (since 2020) focuses on coastal geo-forms and karst processes that make us question our role in nature, while "I’m Not Here" (2019) captures introspective moments of absence of the mind in the physical context, during a Moroccan road trip. "Ashé" (2018) documents cultural and tribal encounters with the Samburu tribe in Northern Kenya, commissioned by Miguel Hernandez University and Trendsplant Clothing.

With extensive travel experience, Daniel infuses global perspectives into his work, crafting narratives that resonate deeply with themes of personal growth, mental health, and self-discovery. Through diverse mediums, he invites viewers to reflect on their inner worlds and the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world.


As a multidisciplinary artist originally from Los Teques, Venezuela, now based in Barcelona, I work across photography, film, music, and writing, driven by core values of love, honesty, and resilience. My creative practice explores the complex relationship between humans and nature, utilizing metaphors to inspire shifts in perception. My work addresses themes of personal rebirth, loneliness, mental health, and self-discovery, aspiring to craft narratives that resonate on an intimate level and invite viewers to reflect on their inner worlds. Each project is a testament to my journey and the stories that have influenced me.

In photography, I capture the nuanced interplay of absence and presence, presenting my subjects in silent dialogue with their surroundings. My characters often exist in a dual state of being: both immersed in their internal worlds and intensely present, embodying the outsider's reflective gaze. This photographic approach translates seamlessly into filmmaking, where I merge visual storytelling with cinematic elements to create immersive experiences. My music compositions, often integrated with my visual art, seek to create emotional soundscapes that deepen the viewer’s engagement.

Across all mediums, I aim to capture subtle, poetic moments that seem suspended in time. My goal is to create experiences that feel at once familiar and strikingly new, encouraging viewers to lean in, contemplate, and lose themselves in the art.


Daniel Simón R.
Gran Vía De Les Corts Catalanes, 586.
08011, Barcelona, Spain.
T. (+34) 633 663 523
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- Interview for We Are Moving Stories on RBSSW Film
- Waterbear Network Worldwide Streaming Release / RBSSW Film
- Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival. Paris, France, 2023 / Selected / RBSSW Film
- NoMansLand Film Festival. Denver, Colorado, USA, 2024 / Selected / RBSSW Film
- NoMansLand Film Festival,  World Tour, 2024 /Selected / RBSSW Film
- Bentonville Film Festival. Bentonville, USA, 2024. / Selected / RBSSW Film
- “How To Create An Image” Masterclass for Daaily Magazine. 2023.
- Special Collaboration with Lanjaron. Spain, Portugal & Andorra. 2021.
- The October Press. Alicante, 2020 / Group Exhibition
- Alicante Photofestival, 2020 / Digital Participation