“Karst”   2020 - Current

Otherworldly rock formations and patterns made by time and the movement of nature. 
“Karst” by Daniel Simón is an ongoing photography project that keeps ongoing since 2020.

A “Cala” is a complex coastal form where a series of processes that interact with great variability converge. The karst, caused by the dissolution of calcareous rocks and responsible for forming most caves, is one of the most prominent. polar, or by the change in the capacity of the oceanic and marine basins. The coastline is an area in permanent evolution and change due to the interaction between the solid medium, which corresponds to the land, the liquid medium, which corresponds to the sea and freshwater, and the gaseous medium, which corresponds to the atmosphere. . The specific dynamics that affect each of the three, together with the time variable, make the different processes that act or have acted reflected in the coastal morphology.