An Evening At The Lake

How many lives have you lived since you were born? — “An afternoon at the pond” is a series of five photographs each accompanied by a musical fragment that, together, function as a metaphor to give narrative form to personal rebirth. Inspired by depression and the use of expression as an introspective tool; this project documents how our emotions can alter the way we perceive reality, and how perspective serves to make sense of it; bringing light to darkness, love to fear and order to chaos.

The series has a narrative order that goes from Drowning (01), a confused landscape of fallen branches that flirts with melancholy, representing drowning in negative thoughts, followed by the image Gone (02), full of static branches that serve as a simile for frozen veins, paralyzed by an "emotional death". Purgatory (03) with a reflection as the protagonist, shows a duality between life and death, a mental limbo or purgatory, a place without perspective or opinion. Rebirth (04) is the climax of the story, expressing personal rebirth with a lush and vibrant tree growing on the lake shore. Breathing (05), a landscape in order and harmony, portrays a white swan surrounded by its own ingenuity, discovering the simplicity of living.